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Palabras de agradecimiento al finalizar entrenamiento en Ajou University, Seoul, Korea

Good morning directors of the Korea International Cooperation Agency.
Good morning professors and directors of the Ajou University.

Ladies and Gentlemen

I have been honored with the opportunity to express, in the name of all the assistants to the training program of “ Transportation Policy”, our gratitude with this noble people of Korea.

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I would like to share two experiences that are two parts of a unique event. : When I was flying to Korea I asked myself why this country, developed country, was seeking to the countries of the third world, why were they trying to offer us a place in the real world?

The answer came in two experiences:

The first one:

In the documents that Koica gave us at the beginning, I saw something that says: “We, (Koreans), offer opportunities of training to developing countries, because we were poor and we have not forgotten the poverty¨

The second:

When using the elevator at Koica, I noticed that there was a sign that says: “… Poverty is not a shame, but it is neither motive of special pride”. For me that was enough: The Koreans do not forget the poverty, but they also consent that poverty is neither motive of special pride.

Let us share the hope, in such a way to globalize it.

Thanks to you, people of Korea.
Thanks to the Korea International Cooperation Agency (Koica).
Thanks to the University of Ajou.
Thanks to the Government of Korea and to its institutions.
Thanks to the professors and administrative personnel of KOICA and AJOU.

Our promise is that we will never forget the poverty and we will never forget you neither.

Thank you very much

Mario Bergés

Words of Thanks pronounced when finalized the training course “Transportation Policy” at Ajou University.

Seoul, Korea,
July 2, 2004

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